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About Us

Cyto-Solutions Ltd are the sole UK distributor for Guna Products

GUNA srl, was founded in 1983 and today  is the leading Italian company in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Guna srl has improved its own structure by:


Innovative homeopathic remedies in its avant-garde laboratory in Milan. More than 800 high-quality and therapeutically effective products are now available.


With internationally well-known researchers in order to constantly  increase its own scientific and technological  know-how.


A great number of  post-graduate training and updating courses on subjects such as Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and  Complementary Medicines for general practitioners, specialists and pharmacists, which are officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health.


Since 1983, “La Medicina Biologica” (“Biological Medicine”), the first, and most important and widely known Italian Review in the field of Complementary Medicine (40.000 copies each issue) as well as a selected collection of  books on scientific research on Complementary Medicine from all over the world.


Customer’s requirements  thanks to a young, dynamic and passionate management.

Home > About Us

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